BEACON is the VALORANT Regional Circuit for the Northern Europe region in EMEA, providing competitive experience at the start of players’ journeys #MakeWaves

For Split 2 2023, we are making format changes to provide flexible competitive play for teams in Northern Europe.


Firstly we’re going to be separating BEACON out into two separate divisions, BEACON North and BEACON South. BEACON North will incorporate all Nordic countries while South will cover the UK and Ireland.

Our aim is to support the Northern European player base going forward so while this might not be a permanent change we think it’ll provide better options for tournaments and events going forward.

BEACON North & BEACON South Ladders

Replacing Circuit Events, we are partnering with Leaguesgg to operate two Ladders as qualification into the BEACON Circuit Finals at the end of the year.

From Monday 25th September, signups will be open via the links below to two Ladder (Leaderboard) systems.

These ladders will be available as:

Circuit Finals

Upon completion of the BEACON North & South Ladders on Sunday 19th November, teams will be invited based on their placement to participate in the BEACON Circuit Finals from 29th Nov – 3rd Dec, competing for a share of €10,000 in prize money!

Division 1: 1st – 4th from each ladder (8 teams total)
Division 2: 5th – 12th from each ladder (16 teams total)

Who can participate?

Any non-VCT team that plays with a roster of majority (at least 3) residents for:

  • BEACON North:
    • Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland
  • BEACON South:
    • United Kingdom, Ireland

Teams must maintain a minimum of 3 players each match to maintain the Ladder/Leaderboard points.

For avoidance of doubt, BEACON Split 2 will not offer any qualification opportunities into Challengers NE: Polaris.

Current VALORANT Challengers Northern Europe: Polaris teams are eligible to participate.

Key dates

  • Thursday 28th September | Ladders Open
  • Sunday 19th November | Ladders Close
  • Wednesday 29th November – Sunday 3rd December | BEACON Circuit Finals