Beacon is the VALORANT regional circuit focused on grassroots level play in Northern Europe. Following on from Split 1, we’re expanding the circuit further and partnering with more organisers to provide more opportunities for teams across Northern Europe and the individual countries within.

For Split 2, Beacon will provide the only method of qualification into Polaris for Split 1 2023.

We want to celebrate local competition and achievements as we assemble teams to play together and push our way up the VALORANT ecosystem!

How does it work?

Selected tournaments from September – December in the region are designated as Circuit Events and are official Beacon events. Circuit Events will be categorised into Major, Minor & Community Events. Teams that play in these tournaments will gain Beacon Points depending on where they place and these contribute to an overall leaderboard.

Major Events will offer the highest pool of Circuit Points for Northern Europe teams.
Minor Events will include National focused tournaments, showcasing the best of individual countries, including Iceland, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and UK.

Circuit Events included in Split 2 of Beacon will be announced soon!

At the end of the split, all teams will be split into divisions based on the number of points they have scored across all tournaments relative to other teams and all will play in the Beacon Circuit Finals for the chance to win their share of €10,000 in prize money!

Division 1: 1st – 8th (+ bottom 2 teams of Polaris 2022)
Division 2: 9th – 24th
Division 3: 24th – 40th + Open Signups

Teams can score points in more than one of the Circuit stops* in order to increase their chances of qualifying for Division 1.

* Teams can only earn points from 1 LAN within the Major Events. (taken from highest placement)