The Goose House – (
Dates: 11th – 12th June
Location: Online

Join up with The Goose House, the largest VALORANT Discord server in Northern Europe, as they host the first ever Beacon tournament! Running from 11th-12th June in a best-of-3 single elimination format starting at 12pm BST/1pm CEST. 

Sign ups are limited to 64 teams and games will proceed across two days as we whittle teams down to the finals, which will be played out as a best-of-5 on Sunday 12th June. 200 Beacon circuit points will be available for the winning team with reduced points for teams that are eliminated earlier as well as 1500 EUR in prize money!

Join their discord and assign yourself the Beacon rank in the Role-assign channel to get started!

Dreamhack Summer – (
Dates: 18th – 20th June
Location: Jönköping, Sweden
Beacon is live at the biggest LAN party in the Nordic region as we return to Jönköping, Sweden! Tickets are on sale now and the format will be a Double Elimination best-of-1 across the week with a best-of-3 finals at the end for teams that still find themselves in contention.

With a total 20,000 SEK prize pool, and 200 Beacon points available for the winner, there’s all to play for live on a LAN environment. – (
Dates: Qualifiers – 13th/15th June, Main event 25th – 26th June
Location: Online host the third Beacon stop of our first split! The qualifiers will be run under the Swiss format where there will be a total of six rounds, divided into two days. The 16 best teams will proceed from the qualifiers and head into the main event.

For the main event, the teams will be playing a four-team GSL format. Every match will be best-of-one, where each group will see the top 2 advance to the playoffs. Here, the eight remaining teams will play a single-elimination best-of-three bracket.

With 1500 EUR prize pool on offer and 200 Beacon points for the winner we hope you join for our third tournament!

epic.Lan 36 – (
Dates: 7th – 10th July
Location: Kettering, UK

Our second LAN event for the Beacon split takes place in Kettering in the United Kingdom for epic36! An established LAN tournament that has a successful history in VALORANT with 14 teams making the trip to Kettering for epic35. The LAN brings four great days of action all the way from it’s group stage to the main and intermediate bracket.

Tickets are on sale right now and tournament sign ups are open ready for those who are looking to make their mark on the Beacon scene!

Guild Esports Academy Series – (
Dates: Qualifiers – 11th – 12th July, Main event 16th – 17th July
Location: Online

VALORANT Champions Tour team Guild Esports joins us as the final stop on the Beacon Circuit for Season 1 as part of their Guild Academy series! Teams are seeded into 16 Groups of 5 for the qualifiers phase with the top team in each group qualifying for the main event on 16th-17th July weekend.

Teams will play a best-of-3 double elimination bracket across the two days all broadcast live on the Guild Esports twitch channel as we will see which team is able to crown themselves as the champion and win their share of 1500 EUR in prize money and take home 200 Beacon points.

Beacon Circuit Finals
Dates: 17th – 21st August
Location: Online

The Beacon Circuit Finals are the culmination of our season and the 5 events that make up the Beacon Circuit. They will be played across three days in August and will invite the Top 40 teams from the Beacon Circuit into 3 divisions as the teams try and claim the spot as division champions.

With 10,000 EUR in prize money split across the three divisions available we’ll see fierce competition. Division 1 will be the top 8 teams and will play a Double Elimination Bracket with the first round a best-of-1 with all following games playing out as a best-of-3.

Division 2 and 3 will play a 16 Team Single Elimination Bracket in a best-of-3 format with the Grand finals of each division broadcast live on Twitch on Sunday and Saturday respectively!